Selling A Home

Working with your RE/MAX Tri-County real estate expert, you should analyze the interior and exterior of your home through the eyes of your future buyer. Here are a few tips from the experts:

Front yard; Freshly trimmed and weeded lawn or desert landscape is a must. Why not add a few nice touches like potted landscaping flowers, plants or even a new layer of colored gravel or stone. These details invite the eye and the buyer onto your property.

Don’t forget a freshening up of exterior paint or touch-up of the trim. Clean up the sidewalk and maybe reseal or recoat the driveway. A sharp driveway helps to drive up your sale.

Back yard, too: Clean up the pool, pick up tools, clear piles of wood or plant matter, put the kids toys away, repair the sagging fence. You get the idea!

Interior may be the key:You know the drill. Clean the carpets, add a layer of fresh paint, touch up counters and tile, repair dripping faucets, shine the linoleum, clean the pantry, clear the garage or other storage rooms.

Bathrooms are next:Get to work on the dirty tub, shower stalls, commodes, and cosmetic cabinet. Keep mirrors sparkling clean. Don’t forget fresh towels!

Look around: Remove excess furniture, pictures and brick-a-brack from family rooms and bedrooms. Remove all the old books and magazines from the coffee table. Replace them with one or two new classy publications. Get the picture?

Air the home out periodically, especially if you smoke or have pets. This might require cleaning the drapes and washing the windows, too. Let the sun shine in and keep it fresh smelling inside. A light fragrance might help. Vanilla smells great during an open house.

All the extra attention and care that you lavish upon your home as you prepare it for sale will come back to you in the form of more dollars, a speedier sale, and finally that happy moving day to your new quarters. There you can stack the magazines and newspapers back up on the coffee table. I mean, who can stand to live in such a clean house?

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